monaural jerk
This is the former home of an early blogging application called MONAURAL JERK, aka JOURNAL MAKER.

Alas, time has passed, and the market leaders have not only caught but bypassed the feature set of this software. If you're interested in a PHP-based blog app, check out

This site is also the current home for the first, and some would say best PHP implementation of John Gruber's SmartyPants code for turning straight quotes into typographer's or "smart" quotes; see SmartyPants-PHP.

You can find more info about the owner of this site, matthew mcglynn, at his personal blog, which isn't really called drums, dulcimer, solar panels, and sourdough, but might as well be. See also his new SEO blog, the SEO Greenhouse and his other new passion, an online audio recording magazine and microphone database.

The other thing I work on is Care2's great ecard system, which offers funny birthday cards.

The rest of this page is being retained for archival purposes. Scroll back through time to 2001, just below.

...a weblog, journal, news, diary system. It allows one or more authors to regularly publish content without touching HTML. It has a nifty web-based editing/publishing sytem. It has a built-in search engine. And it is free for personal or corporate use, under the GPL: this is open-source software.

Making the obvious official, I'm retiring this codebase.
The 0.5a4 codebase contains a minor bug in the schema file.
0.5a4 is available for download.
As promised, 0.5a3 is available for download.
The CHANGELOG has been updated for 0.5a3, which will be released publicly this week.
The 0.5 codebase, two years in the making, is now publicly available — see the 0.5a2 distribution below.
The CHANGELOG has been updated for 0.5a2, which will be released publicly this week.
An early beta / late alpha distribution of the 0.5 codebase is available for experimentation, by private inquiry only. Don't ask if you don't intend to get your hands dirty.
We rated a mention in Jason Levine's Q Daily News. Welcome Q readers! To answer Jason's implied question, PHP+MySQL can indeed do everything Frontier can do. The lead developer of Monaural Jerk is a Frontier user from way back ('95-'97) and abandoned Frontier because PHP+MySQL can do more (in this developer's opinion of course). Also PHP runs great under Linux and *BSD.

Help / Support
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  • monauraljerk_0.5a4.tar.gz released 2004-04-21
  • monauraljerk_0.5a3.tar.gz released 2004-03-16
  • monauraljerk_0.5a2.tar.gz released 2004-02-28
  • monauraljerk_0.4.3.tar.gz released 2001-07-13
  • monauraljerk_0.3.tar.gz released 2001-04-29
  • monauraljerk_0.2.tar.gz released 2001-03-25
  • monauraljerk_0.1.tar.gz released 2001-01-29
Features at a glance
  • "Edit This Page"-style site maintenance
  • CSS-based formatting (no FONT tags)
  • User-definable categories or channels for content
  • Pagination within categories
  • Full-text search of item titles or text
  • Calendar navigation system
  • Automatic "freshness" dating
  • "Tell a friend" / "Send this to a friend"
  • Two types of editorial elements: journal entries and media reviews
  • Spider-friendly URL scheme and META descriptions to aid search-engine indexing
  • Referer logging / counting
  • Second script displays output in printer-friendly format
  • Content syndication via RSS 0.91
  • Automatic perma-link generation
What you get
  • Finely tuned schemas for MySQL tables
  • PHP scripts for editing, displaying, mailing content
  • PHP functions for searching and navigating through content
  • slick web-based administrative system for editing content
  • sample configuration file
  • sample HTML files
  • future development plan
  • comprehensive installation instructions
  • FAQ
  • change log
  • database backup script
  • RDF generator for content syndication
  • your very own copy of the GPL